Extended deadline:

November 3, 2019


The Department of Languages and Literatures 

of Partium Christian University, Oradea (Romania)

in cooperation with the

Intercultural Studies Research Center at the Reformed Theological University, Debrecen (Hungary)

 are pleased to announce the first



to be held on

29 November 2019


Keynote lecture:

Dr. Horváth Andrea

(University of Debrecen, Department of German Language and Literature)

A mások hangja: a kulturális és esztétikai alteritás elméletei


The Networks conference will be devoted to the exploration of otherness and alterity as the conception of the other and as self-conception in the mesh of inter- and transculturality.  The topics will evolve around otherness inassimilable by the self as it denotes radical alterity and renounces cultural narcissism, notions and metaphors of travel, identity, and cultural hybridity in constituting alterity or counteracting it, transcendence as alterity, the diasporic postcolonial surfacing in the vortex of gender, race, ethnicity, and class, as well as alterity expressed in narratives and in language.

We invite proposals for papers (in English, German, and Hungarian) investigating different aspects of the theme in the following fields:

·         American/British/Canadian/German/Hungarian Literatures

·         Central Europe and the English-Speaking World

·         Cultural Studies

·         ESP

·         Ethnic Studies

·         Gender Studies

·         Intermediality

·         Language Studies

·         Literary Theory and Criticism

·         Literatures in the English Language

·         Multilingualism and Multiculturalism

·         Philosophy

·         Postcolonial Studies

·         Religious Studies

·         Translation Studies

Call for Papers

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forrás: nyit.partium.ro