Student organization


The Students’ Organization of the Partium Christian University (SOPCU) is a nongovernmental and non political student organization. It was founded in 1995 as the Students’ Organization of the “Sulyok István” Reformed College (SOSIRC). In 1999, when the Partium Christian University was established, our organization was renamed SOPCU.

The main course of our activity consists in organizing cultural, sports and professional events. We take care of the social scholarships and grant affairs and we represent the PCU students and university in national and international forums (related to students’ life). We have good relationships with different student associations (Romanian, Hungarian and international) and other youth organizations.


Our main events: fresh-man’s camp, fresh-man’s day and party, Partium University Days, Pannonian Basin Economic Competition, Partium Academic Students’ Conference, Pannonian Basin Summer University, etc.