Partium International Conference on Management

September 2-3, 2019 

Oradea, Romania

Background and theme

The mission of the Partium International Conference on Management (PICM) is to promote partnerships between research communities and strengthen the contribution of research in economic growth, sustainable development by providing an international platform for strategic dialogue among stakeholders. The Conference encourages activities in management, informatics, rural development, tourism, and even sport management monitors the progress made in the knowledge triangle – research, education and innovation – which are core factors all ower the word.

To respond to these challenges, appropriate and coherent policies, instruments and programmes need to be developed and applied in all domains of economics, including social, cultural, political, legal and institutional environment. The planned sessions of the conference reflect the most important fields of knowledge and technology, to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technological areas. Research excellence is particularly important to improve the ability of countries to address the social, economic, environmental and management challenges of the future. Their continued relevance will be guaranteed by invited papers.

In the framework of these PICM the experiences of international tasks of development will be discussed; therefore, it would be a great honour to the Faculty if you could hold a lecture on the latest results of your research.