English Teacher Trainees at PCU

Fancy dressing up like for a carnival, doing gym at English class (e.g. touching head and shoulders and knees and toes), walking around chairs in pursuit of a seating place? Or perhaps you’re more of the artistic type and prefer singing to the physical stuff?

Then Mondays from 6 pm to 8 pm Shakespeare room is the place to come to. English Language Teaching seminar. Where everything is possible: (shy) students become in charge of about 15 people and boss them around, 20 year-olds turn into 4th graders (or more or less) and behave accordingly – though no one has asked the “kicsitajntónéni” (teacher trainee)the ominous “Ezt mi isírjuk?”…YET. This is the place where one learns the trick of standing at and writing on the blackboard while still paying attention to what’s going on in the class, where one can show off one’s drawing skills, where one learns that “Do you understand?” is not a question (to be asked from anybody if one wants a real answer), where one learns “sandwich-talk” (Open your notebook – nyisd ki a füzetedet – open your notebook). It is definitely a step out of one’s comfort zone.  Especially, when one is micro-teaching and is in charge of the whole group for about 20 minutes. To many of them it is the first time they have to persuade others to pay attention to them, to teach people a song/words/to read/to write in English. But they make it…with flying honours. The smile on their faces, the rounds of applause, the lively discussion following these micro-teachings show it. Life is OK out of the comfort zone as well. :) Hats off to all you teacher trainee girls and boys!

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