Students of Pedagogy of Preschool and Primary School Education visiting the Synagogues of Oradea

Our  students in the second year attended another "field seminar" on 8th November.

This time the group visited  two synagogues in Oradea. The beautifully restored orthodox synagogue, currently used by the Jewish denomination for church purposes, was presented by András Seidler, director of Jewish Community Center. He also offered a detailed presentation of the synagogue's renovation, and then spoke about the history of the Jewish community in Oradea. After that, the morning program continued in the Neolog Synagogue, which is functioning as a museum.

The students were accompanied by the organizer of the program, Gabriella Kincses, secretary of the Department for Economical and Social Studies, and by lecturer Dr. Edith Debrenti and by associate professor Dr. Ferenc Szilágyi.


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